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Piano lessons in-person in Melbourne (North and North East)

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Valerie Cibic
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I teach at my studio in Moola Place, Eltham
All ages and stages welcome.
Over 30 years experience.
Introducing young beginners to the joy and fascination of learning music and providing the technical groundwork in a fun way that enables the child to play their favourite music with ease, confidence and enjoyment is a challenge that I enjoy.
Regular opportunities are offered during each year for students to play their repertoire for their music friends and families.
Assisting advanced students of all ages to develop their musical potential is a challenge that I especially enjoy sharing with them.
Regular performance opportunities are provided for intermediate to advanced students.
I prepare students for the AMEB examinations.

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Qualifications and Awards
Music Lessons Provided
Classical, Latin, Modern, Traditional
Adult Learning, AMEB, Aural Training, Music Technology, Theory
Areas Serviced
Melbourne (North, North East)
Eltham, Eltham North, Greensborough, Montmorency
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Fees to be paid at the beginning of each lesson.


Thank you very much for being my piano teacher for the past four years as I have enjoyed the lessons and learned very much from them. You have been a brilliant teacher for me as you have always fixed my mistakes and made me feel better about my exams and my own piano playing. I learned very useful things from you and you got me an A+ in one of my exams. For all my exams I have come back with high marks which I am very grateful for. You have held concerts to help me play better and also got me ready for my exams which helped a lot. Your piano techniques helped me and I am thankful about how you would prepare everything for me so when I started the lesson we could get right into it.

I am very happy to have been taught by you and will benefit from it for the rest of my time playing piano.


Thank you so much for untiring Audrey’s love of piano. Your guidance has helped her to become the musician she is today – one who is keen to explore different styles of music and learn new instruments.
You have played an integral part in Audrey’s musical journey.

Rena Lister

Thank you so much for teaching me piano and helping me to pass all my exams. I’ve really enjoyed learning with you and especially enjoyed the afternoon concerts you held.
To a fantastic teacher. Thanks for such a fantastic night on Friday night. I bet all the students and parents enjoyed it.

Audrey Lister

You have had a huge influence on Brooke. Your kind, caring and gentle nature has allowed her to be herself, love music, never finding it a chore and to see how a real lady operates.

Jan Pinsent

I just want to say thank you so very much for being such a wonderful teacher and friend to me over the past twelve years. Because of you I have developed a love for music that will last a lifetime. Thank you for being patient, kind and a wonderful teacher.

Brooke Pinsent

You put so much time into teaching me my program. You are a wonderful teacher and I am grateful for the way you taught me to love piano. I think I took piano lessons for granted and having a fantastic teacher for granted. I have just re-read the book, “Piano Lessons “ by Anna Goldsworthy and know we have to work hard and sacrifice for piano because it is a privilege to play beautiful music.

Rebecca Kitkham
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