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Hanna-Margaret Kaminska

I was born to musician’s family in Poland. My father was both, a classical and jazz performing double bassist and mother taught the violin at the music conservatory to which later, at the age of 7 I was accepted. There, I attended both, junior and senior levels. After 12 years, upon completion, I attended next and last level, the Conservatory of Music, finishing my total education spanning 16 years.

After migrating to Australia in 1981, I was the very first to be granted a full scholarship for the membership of the student orchestra, The ABC Symphonia, in Sydney. This move, however, was not purposed to further education of my violin skills, but to integrate me into Australian music scene as soon as possible and teach me the use of the English language, quickly.

This need to be among like-minded people was recognized by the Australian Broadcasting Commission and for their gesture, I have been forever grateful, as indeed it worked.

My Australian career now spans over 36 years and it includes:

* work for the ABC, starting with the scholarship for ABC Symphonia (1982)- under the baton of Wilfred Lehmann.

* The Sydney Symphony Orchestra(1983) – under the baton of Sir Charles Mackerras

* Queensland Theatre Orchestra – under the baton of Georg Tintner.

* The Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra (1983-1984) – Under the baton of Paul Coppens.

* The West Australian Symphony Orchestra (1985-1996) – under the baton of many and here are just a few:
Albert Rosen, Jerge Mester, Vernon Handley, Vladimir Verbitsky.

In WA, I also learned the discipline of yacht sailing ⛵️and to catch big fish.?

After many years of stage performances, radio/film recordings, workshops, and summer schools in Australia and overseas, I opened a private studio as teaching violin became my passion.

Over many years I have also been involved in instrumental teaching through The Department of Education in Queensland, teaching the violin in a variety of schools of all levels, following schools’ curriculums as well as designing and developing new programs for private-independent educational institutions.

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European equivalent of FRSM
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ABRSM, AMEB, Aural Training, Gifted Children, Music History, Musicianship, Performances, Theory
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