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Hello, I learnt with AMEB from age 8 - 15, moving through all grades. I started teaching in 2009, when I discovered Simply Music. This method gets the student playing songs straight away. It develops the ear, it encourages improvisation and self-expression. It teaches songs through shapes and patterns both on the keyboard and in the fingers. It has the student playing many many more songs, and enjoying their music so much more than just relying on the written page. I also do the Play-a-Story method, mainly with little kids as young as 2-3 and up to the age of 6-7. This method teaches the student to create their own music, by becoming the musical backdrop to a story. The lesson gets broken up with a short story, drawing the picture on paper while listening to the soundtrack, then transferring the sounds of their picture onto the piano. It shows them patterns that help produce the sound of their picture, and allows and encourages them to change the pattern around, turn it upside down and use the whole piano. These tools and patterns will be taken with them through their whole musical life, to be added on to more advanced playing. The Play-a-Window program is almost similar to the Play-a-Story program. Play-a-Window is mainly for the adult student who doesn't want to draw their picture on paper - they learn to play their sounds to a short movie scene so that they then become the musical soundtrack. Imagine a movie with no music!! Their music helps to set the feeling of the scene. Improvising at it's greatest!! All of these methods truly are musical self-expression! I also teach how to read and do integrated theory, so the student is getting an all-round exposure to all the elements of becoming a fantastic musician.

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0407 991 499

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Keyboard, Piano

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Arranging, Ballade, Blues, Classical

Adult Learning, Improvisation, Simply Music Method

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AMEB trained, Accredited Teacher of Simply Music


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