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I offer high quality piano teaching to pianists at any established levels ranging from intermediate to Tertiary levels. I am also experienced in offering chamber music coaching, consultations and advice, performance opportunities and goal orientated coaching. My style of teaching is to engage the student in critical thinking after demonstrating the technique and thought behind any goal to ensure that understanding of the idea is achieved. I also emphasize self-awareness through both practice and performances, so that ideas and progress can persist at home. Currently (July 2018) - I have limited spaces in my class, but if you leave your contact details and inquiry, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. As an international concert pianist, I was the first prize winner at the Moray International Piano Competition (UK) and the EPTA UK Piano Competition (UK), as well Seven Oaks Young Musician of the Year Competition (UK) and the Antena 2 Competition (Portugal). Prior to 2017, I was a frequent recipient of important British music awards including Kirckman Concert Society (London), Tunnell Trust (London/Scotland), Worshipful Company of Musicians (London), The Keyboard Trust (UK), Peter Donohoe Award (Manchester), and I was a City Music Foundation Artist, founded by the 685th Lord Mayor of London. My first CD was released in 2016 with British label Willowhayne Records, and was quickly picked up by British Airways for their in-flight entertainment system. The CD was also BBC Music Magazine Editor Oliver Condy's favourite in the September 2016 edition.

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Yasmin Rowe

Send an eMailyasminrowe89@gmail.com


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Melbourne, Melbourne East, Melbourne South, Melbourne South East

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AMEB Exams, Auditions, Performances, Technique

Lesson Format

One-on-One Lessons

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Int. Artist Diploma (RNCM) | M.Mus (Dist) (RNCM) | B.Mus (1st Hon) (RNCM)

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